About Us

What is a Langvel?

[Lang]uage and Tra[vel] – Langvel uses the latest mobile technologies to bring LIVE 1-on-1 language classes taught on location from some of the most iconic places around the world. Learn French from the Eiffel Tower? Learn Arabic watching the sunset over the Great Pyramids? Want to study English from the Grand Canyon? At Langvel, that is what we strive to bring you. Learn about culture and history at the places you long to see while studying the language of your choice!


Langvel wants to become the world’s destination for all of your language travel lifestyle needs and provide the world’s best online language experience for our students.

At Langvel, we care about teachers!

Langvel is founded by language teachers from around the world getting together to change a broken industry. We love our students and we love to travel! We are giving our teachers the chance to work remotely from anywhere in the world and earn a real living wage. We are also going to allow you the freedom you want in your classes along with the structure you need for lesson planning support.

Other companies create a “language menu” and force the teachers to strictly adhere to their (often completely irrelevant) lesson plans with little/no room for extension or true interaction with their students. University graduates and professionals forced to wear silly uniforms and act like clowns by management that thinks that more technology is the answer to the world’s most human subject of study. At Langvel, we use technology to enable people and that is where you are going to see the difference. Happy, professional teachers doing what they love is, and always will be, the best way to learn.

We will be bringing in the best language professionals around the world by offering top industry pay, no minimum peak time requirements, and treating our teachers with the professionalism and respect they deserve.


Langvel’s Stance on Race

Some of you reading this may be surprised to hear, and others not so much, that the industry of foreign language teaching is potentially one of the most openly-racist remaining on the planet.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and our core team reflects the broad diversity of talent that a global industry, such as language training, provides. We do not, however, promise not to act like kids in a candy store if there is a new language or culture involved in any encounters, well, anywhere! We love to learn as much as we love to teach!

Business Plan Executive Summary

(AKA “Yes, we know what we’re talking about.”)

More people than ever are studying a second—or third or fourth language, and the market for online language learning products has likewise expanded. The global online language learning market was valued at $12.49 billion in 2019, but it is expected to reach $25.73 billion by 2027. English is one of the most studied languages, as it is often referred to as the language of business, science, and research. Currently, there were an estimated 1.5 billion English language learners worldwide, a majority of which live in the Asia Pacific region.


Langvel intends to join the language education space with a unique combination of one-on-one lessons and exciting locations around the world. The Company will take advantage of the wide-spread mobile internet and digital technologies to take its students outside of the classroom, with the help of an international network of expert instructors teaching from historic, cultural, and picturesque locations around the world. Langvel will initially focus its classes on students in China seeking to learn English and has established an affiliate company, 览国, to target the Chinese market.


According to an estimate, between 30% and 50% of China’s population were learning English in 2017. Students are more likely to learn some English in school, while the 2019 market for teaching English to adults in China is estimated at $5.5 billion. Langvel will offer its language classes to students of all ages and abilities, especially with the education sector so impacted by the closures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating within the global education market, the Company will take advantage of the growing demand for online education services. The global online education market is projected to reach $132.98 billion by 2023, while the global English Language Learning market is expected to reach $54.89 billion by 2025. The Company will face competition from a variety of other language learning businesses and applications, but very few meet the needs of users—leading to loss of interest and deletion of the app. Langvel’s unique combination of language instruction and travel will appeal to a different swath of potential students. The Company will also aim to create a network for its instructors to connect, find, and post open jobs, and more.


As it launches its operations, Langvel will initiate a dynamic, international marketing campaign that simultaneously attracts both potential students and instructors from around the world. With its initial focus in the Chinese market, the Company will also focus on strategies tailored to the market, such as subway posters, referral incentives, and an engaging presence on compliant social media sites. Meanwhile, the Company will also place ads on online radio companies, video sites, and other social media to reach its international audience.

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