The Products

At Langvel, we use existing resources such as publicly available sites of cultural heritage and natural beauty to provide a unique language learning experience for our students. Focusing initially on locales with well-established mobile networks, we can take language classes out of the classroom and offer unique and beautiful educational experiences for our clients using HD cameras.

In addition:

  • We intend to offer low-cost teaching solutions for global classrooms affected by COVID-19 closures. This can be delivered through a student-teaching apprenticeship program to provide language classes from company-approved locations to supplement existing online classroom activities, thus providing additional income and work experience to those student teachers. The development of these sessions in consultation with the teacher whose students are attending will enhance the quality of the overall product as well as providing added educational value to the student-teacher.
  • The flagship product will include an option to obtain premium membership to gain access to premium time slots, e.g. sunrises/sunsets.
  • The resources developed to connect teachers with students also can be modified easily to connect linguists with those in need of everyday business translations.  As in other aspects of this venture, making such linkages possible as a service on our website raises brand visibility while also potentially bringing the cost point for basic translation services to a point where users will explode, particularly in China.
  • In addition to these primary streaming features, we intend to work with companies that are vertical to us in the supply chain in order to facilitate mutual success.  Examples of products necessary to work for Langvel include camera, professional certifications, etc.
  • Opportunities also exist parallel to us in the supply chain. The platform Langvel will need to recruit and certify its faculty is a prime example. Currently the online job market for foreign teaching is disorganized and not at all user friendly.  It is prime for consolidation and standardization.  Accessing placement information on our platform about other jobs will be a service to the teachers themselves as they strive to succeed in what is essentially a ‘gig’ market; however, it also will provide Langvel with a revenue stream from outside enterprises that wish to advertise and/or recruit on our platform or sell teacher certification services.

The Timing

Several factors make NOW the right time for this venture:

  • The overall demand for online innovative education solutions has exploded during the COVID-19 epidemic globally. Even in the medium term, as world travel begins to return, things like field trips for language students will be impossible for at least one or two graduating classes.
  • Our early target market is China because of the strong thirst there for quality western products.  A premium quality product will be enthusiastically welcomed in China. This extensive Chinese demand for educational products is seen as the prime market for a strong early source of early revenue for the company. Due to the educational nature of our software, we foresee no issues with adhering to Chinese internet protocols and believe that such an internationally accepted form of communication, kept as free of controversy as possible, will in itself be an extremely valuable asset for future corporate expansion due to the restricted nature of many other similar video streaming services in mainland China.
  • Chinese market demand for English learning and travel is massive. Our product(s) can easily be packaged as a cheap travel experience instead of an expensive language experience.
  • The certification processes for teachers and payment processes across multiple countries have developed to a point that cross-border efforts can develop quickly.
  • [review meticulousresearch report to see if they make any other good points]


The Technology

By using the Apsara Video Live platform, we can use a pre-existing service that is able to scale with the business instead of having to build a custom backend platform. Because this is an Alibaba product, the risk of future inability to access Chinese markets by reliance on a 3rd party platform is greatly reduced.

Our teachers use high-end HD streaming technology to bring you the best possible language learning experience.


The Team

  • Professional web designer from New York building the webpage for maximum user-friendly customer interaction.
  • The wonderful video editor from Sweden who put together some amazing advertisements is a true talent.
  • Both Chinese and English language professional voice actors from Hangzhou, China and England.
  • Qualified teachers around the world await the day when Langvel has enough money to meet salary needs.  This faculty will provide the talent needed both for corporate hiring and skilled contract labor worldwide.
  • Language enthusiasts around the world are volunteering their time on translation work to include six different languages (so far). To date we have seen significant contributions to this project from the USA, Canada, China, Sweden, UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Pakistan and Australia.
  • Corporate advisors with the highest levels of both academic and practical business experience include
  • Two finance professors with combined 75+ years of experience, one of whom specializes in venture capital markets.
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