Become a Teacher

Are you ready to enjoy the ultimate employment freedom?

Work from anywhere in the world. No minimum hours or peak requirements. Top industry pay and more importantly, respect.

At Langvel, we care about teachers! This company was founded by language teachers so that we can bring the best to our students and our employees worldwide. Because we are language teachers, we know what you want:

  • Good pay.
  • Organized lesson plans while still letting you be you.
  • No minimum hours/Maximum hours. Work when YOU want.
  • Reliable technical support for your classrooms and well-tested products.

We are taking the tried and true method of:

  • Providing a great product at a good price.
  • Respecting our employees.

Starting pay for at-home classes starts at $22/hr. No gimmicks.

Starting pay for ONSITE classes starts at $44/hr. No gimmicks. Refreshing, isn’t it?


No minimum or maximum hours. Work when YOU want

What are ONSITE classes?

ONSITE classes are when you, the teacher, go to one of the company-approved sites located around the world to teach your class. Live somewhere cool? Want to make $44/hr? Submit your site for approval below! It must be somewhere of cultural or natural significance, be mobile network-accessible, and have a peaceful enough atmosphere to allow for teaching.



For at-home classes:

– Must hold a 4-year degree from an accredited university.

– Must be a native-level speaker of the language you are teaching.

– Must hold teaching certification for the language you are teaching, e.g. TEFL

– Must be able to communicate in English.

– Must have 2 years of language teaching experience.

– Must meet technical and network connection requirements.

– Must undergo a background check.

For ONSITE classes:

– All requirements for at-home teaching certification must be met.

– Note: More extensive network connection verification and camera requirements for ONSITE lessons.

– Must have moderate/extensive knowledge of the site(s) at which you teach.


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